Dumb lady things she's smarter than me for what I'm working for

Dumb lady things she's smarter than me for what I'm working for


She probably thought it was like older phones that you have to take the back off to insert a some card. She probably assumed it was just in there when she bought it but....that is no excuse for her to act like an ass because she omg might be wrong. Customers suck sometimes. I sell insurance and I swear I get told at least once a day how wrong I am. I wish we could really say what we want to sometimes!


My S20 has a removable Sim card. I had to swap it out when Sprint was bought out.


Doesn't the S20 have an eSim?


The S20 has dual sim capability. The main line has a physical sim, while the optional second line will have an esim.


Clearly none of you was listening to the lady. Her phone does not have a SIM card!


No no no, it does, it's inside, comes with the phone; but at the same time it doesn't. It's Schrödinger's SIM card.


At which point it is *possible* that a given carrier would run it on the esim , and leave the physical empty.


When purchased from the carrier, it will come with a physical sim inserted. Unlocked, straight from Samsung, it's *possible* to activate the esim... Have you ever activated an esim?! It's a right pain!!


Like I said, “it’s possible”, if not very likely. I don’t know of any carrier anywhere in the world who actually works with eSIMs by default, but no doubt a few years from now it’s going to start happening at some point. Sims are expensive, after all. Sort of.


They can be, depends where you go. If I have a non-inventory sim, you best believe I use them for guests first.


Both an esim and physical if I remember correctly


Sorry OP. As Mark Twain once said- "Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."


Don’t fight a battle of wits with an unarmed enemy.


I had never heard that one before. Thank you for providing it to me. Have a gold my friend.


Seriously. Some people just can't accept that the people they're calling for advice might actually know what they're talking about. It's like, "you called ME, remember?" This one time I was supporting a SaaS ecommerce platform and the devs had just released a change buggy that made it so that if a user had a login cookie in their browser not only was not recognized but would prevent users from being able to log in at all if it was present. So naturally everybody was calling the support line so there was a long hold time and nearly every call was the same thing "clear your cookies... that worked? Ok bye." Then this guy comes on and refuses to believe that clearing the cookies could possibly help because he's "a web developer" yada yada... we argued about it, he refused to even try it and demanded I do more investigation/troubleshooting, anything but clearing cookies... eventually he gets mad says I'm a moron and starts to hang up. I remember yelling before the disconnect "just clear your cookies and remember I told you so!"


Any decent Web Developer would set their browser to delete cookies when closed, I hate when I have to remind other coders to do so.


I get those kind of calls all the time. Indignant assholes saying "I shouldn't have to do that. It's not my fault your website sucks!". "Ok well if you're refusing troubleshooting I can't help you". Everyone once in a while they cave in and take my advice, "oh my god you fixed it! That was so easy!". Yeah you dumb bitch that's why you called me.


I remember back in the early days I had a Palm-Pilot type device that took little AAA batteries which you obviously had to replace. When I got an iPod I explained to my Dad (IT guy) that it had no battery. He calmly explained that it did it was just not removable and what did I think was being charged to keep it going? Obvious when I thought about it a bit. Bit similar to dumb phone lady. It’s okay not to understand things but listen when they are explained to you.


Try talking some idiot who had saved their online banking password to auto populate, into turning it iff because it’s a major security risk, or trying to explain because I have given them a temporary password they have to delete the saved password from the box that says password and key in the temp password instead. No, don’t select save new password because that’s only your temporary one off password. Over and over again.


Sometimes I think you should have to get a license to use the internet


That reminds me of a client (Bank) that was testing a web service client we developed for them. The contacts from the client were very dumbfounded that they could see the ws contract from their computers but the server hosting the ws client couldn't connect. I told them that most likely the server was in another subnetwork and that they needed to tell their IT to unblock the issue. They asked again why wasn't it working , and trying to stay calm, told them "Look, you don't have the technical background to understand my explanation, just tell verbatim what I told you and IT will solve it" (The contacts were managers and directors, sometimes they put them in direct contact with me instead of the programmers because at that point their project has hit the fan). It took several minutes of repeating myself until they finally decided to follow my instructions. Next time we talked IT had solved the issue.


I'm confused...


When I contact customer services as the customer I start on the basis that I have tried everything I can and that I'm the idiot here because I can't solve it. I will tell the advisor what I've tried and check I've done it properly. The only time I get anoyed is if my landline isn't working and they go through you have to do the checks again as you will not have done them properly to which I reply that I am a qualified phone engineer who used to work for their company ... and I always get the, Oh, ok, no problem. yep, I'm female and yes, I'm a qualified phone engineeer I just don't do that any more. And it's your exchange that isn't working.


Lots of people claim to be an engineer or former engineer. It’s not correlated very well with actual skill.


I used to do this type of troubleshooting but I worked at the corporate location, and any time we'd have some asshole like this call in we would ultimately just force them to come into the store if they were that insistent on being a dumbass over the phone. It was always especially satisfying to solve their problem nearly instantly so that they could then turn around and drive back home, lol. The patience you need to work with a customer remotely is crazy, but I'm still kinda amazed you managed to go back and forth with her on this for so long. How was it not possible to cut through the BS sooner and just tell her about the damn hole in the beginning? Lol, oh and willing to bet she hung up because she realized in that moment what a fucking idiot she was after having that "ah ha" moment that there's a hidden tray.


Technically, there is something called an ["eSIM"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESIM) that the phone will always be able to use. However, it's entirely on her to activate it, if she even has one...


I so feel for you in this!! I seem to have this everyday also. And also about phones!! Today was about Apple ID’s which I don’t work for Apple btw.


UGH my worst experience was when a family of FIVE were all sharing one apple id!!! Dad's phone was having issues. He only informed me that the WHOLE FAMILY shares the id *after* I'd done a backup and reset, and he got a combination of everyone's stuff. SUCH a nightmare!!! Had I known, I'd have grabbed a phone from the safe, copied it over, then reset and copied back...and made him his own id. Instead, his stuff is lost in the abyss of the shared id. Everyone now is separated.


Oh, they fight us at the fruit based company about their IDs as well.


Sounds to me a lot like the lady had SIM card mixed up with memory card. Like how she was insisting that phones these days don't come with SIM cards, because the SIM card is "inside the phone" - she's actually thinking about how many phones don't have memory card slots now, just inbuilt memory. Doesn't excuse the insults and overconfidence though. Personally, when I'm speaking to someone who *works* in the area we're discussing, I tend to assume they know more than me, not the other way around.


I think you may be right; she probably was thinking of an SD memory card.


She may have read about the eSIM, which actually *is* a thing. Only it’s not used by very many carriers yet.


I had a giggle reading the title about being smarter and then seeing the typo. She sound like a fun person to be around


So did the forced migration to Microsoft Edge bring down your call center, yesterday?


Whenever I have a customer like her, I think, "If you know so much more about this, then why are you calling me?" Of course I cannot say that out loud, and so I just need to take the abuse.


Had calls likethis before, if they insist on wasting my time then i insist on sending them to the store and let the store people deal with it, because it's faster to have a 5 minute call with astore agent who knows wtf they're talking about, then a 50 minute call with someone who just wants to push back all the time. And honestly,you work in the business long enough, you realize 99% of the push back you get is because people are lazy/stupid and want you/someone else to do all the work for them. So i just give in to their weird conspiracy theorys about why the phone isnt worked, twist it around in whatever way i need to to convince them to bring it to the store, and let the store fix it. I know it's mean..ish... to put more strain on the store people, but it's a 5 minute fix, and it takes the customer more time,effort, and generally wasted finances to go to the store then to listen to me when on the phone with them. So if they dont want to take time & effort with me, theycan soend double or triple thetime and effort, and probably cash out of hand (for transportation) to have someone do it for them


I really found you could have told us that in 1/2 or 1/3 the amount of text. Just bring honest


Imagine being the type of person to seek out someones story about an experience and then critique them for not being more brief. Guess you thought S20s didnt have sims huh mr "the only value in writing is brevity"


When you come here to tell your stories, you can make them as long or short as you want. Don’t police other people’s - it’s incredibly rude.


I just police their grammar and spelling; then hope I'm not being too hypocritical with my own :P