17 Days, nearly 900 games, 4 mirrors total. #BuffNozdormu

17 Days, nearly 900 games, 4 mirrors total. #BuffNozdormu


thats a lot of games and so few nozdormus. 4/900 is the reason no one uses noz and it will get even less


I think the reason no one uses nozdormu is that the average hearthstone player doesn't actually care about playing at hyperspeed.


Plus also that can be a disadvantage for people on slower internet connections or people playing combo decks, or even people playing decks that need a lot of time to think. Then there’s Ropert Ropington who only plays Warrior and armors up and clears the board. He ropes every turn and never wins, but he doesn’t care. He made your game 8 minute game last 40 minutes, that’s a victory to him. He wants his turns to last as long as possible


Ropert Ropington sounds like your average rez priest.


I don't even know how regular priest ropes now. You can't logically complete the thought process of the turn if you don't even have the discovered cards you're going to play that turn or thinking about next turn. I mean unless you don't run discover but this is Priest we are talking about here.


> or even people playing decks that need a lot of time to think. even rarer than the Nozdormu mirrors


Dane's combo rogue decks... The first 5-10 games using them are me going into panic mode from not being able to decide what to do, roping, ending the turn on like 4 mana. Once you learn to use them though, man are they fun.


Gotta say my shudderwock animation stack deck willl make your 8 minute game 2 hours or 89 turns 😂 absolute win


Based and wild pilled 👌


I think the main reason is that it's just bad. It's a 7 mana 8/8 that does nothing in a meta where even cards that are average can barely compete. Give it taunt or reduce the cost even further and maybe it'll see more play


did someone say 4 mana 8/8? wait, that's a little big...


Maybe make it 7/7 to be more balanced on 4 mana


Then it need to have some drawback. How about overload 2?


I feel like it's still too powerful. Maybe remove the dragon tag?


But then the effect is pointless, might as well remove that too


As a mobile player it would be a nightmare


Well there's also the fact that if someone has a nozdormu in their deck, they're going to be playing too fast for it to make a difference anyway


I wanted to play faster but I don't want a weak minion on my deck.


I think it is also. Those of us that play quick turns already do so. So the people that like to rope every turn are never going to actually put it into their decks to begin with.


Just curious. Has anyone tried playing res-priest with classic Nozdormu? I feel that would be hilarious.


That's like a crazy 50 games a day. I'd be lucky if I play 5 -10 games on any given day, much less doing so while handicapping myself with Nozdormu. Congrats on getting it done!


Tbf it's his job, of course he's gonna pay a lot more than the average player


>pay Freudian slip?




I’d be lucky NOT playing more than 3-4 games a day, may be 1 BG… hearthstone is good when enjoyed in moderation but anything more than that is like a chore


Everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft.


But: Rule number one, never stop playing on good streaks. Or after a big silly and obvious mistake, punished or not, stop.


if they’d give a card back or even better a coin for this achievement , every and their mother would run noz. edit: this one looks nice, https://www.deviantart.com/rzanchetin/art/Nozdormu-Scale-of-the-Sands-cardback-511788037


Love that caverns of time theme. I do think I can use a little more color since there are a lot of purple and blue tones inside of the caverns


even if got a cardback for it, id still never ever run nozordmu in y deck, if i wanna play fats i cna do that without nozodormu and without making my deck worse




That would be fucked up if you aren’t a aggro player


Any non aggro players can simply choose to not play Noz except when they want the achieve.


500 games of mindless aggro. No thx




The suggestions I've made so far to improve Nozdormu's playrate. Have the achievement grant a Diamond Nozdormu, have daily quests that require you to play him 2/3 games for premium XP, or give XP for this achievement. Feel free to share your own ideas.


my suggestion: lower its mana cost by (1), compensate for that by reducing its stats by 2 attack and 1 health, and then remove the restricting Start of Game effect


Alright calm down, no need to make it completely overpowered now


Yeah it has minion type. Power creeping the best card in HS history.


Good stats for the cost.


Just like the tickmaster




Yes, that's what the rest of the comment said. It was just more of OP rambling on about how he wants to turn noz into tickatus. You made the right choice by not reading any further.


i'd like if they additionally manipulated matchmaking, so nozdormu players get matched with other nozdormu players (if available). that and some actual reasons to play him could make his playrate skyrocket (from 4/900 to maybe double digit/900)


For me it’s all about spending a deck slot/card draw opportunity for a minion that has no impact beyond being a big minion. Not that the minion is terrible, 7 cost 8/8 is fine, but it’s 3.6 roentgens worth if minion - not great, not terrible. You’d pick it in arena probably. But stats on a minion with essentially no card text is not good enough. If it even just had rush, I think it’d be highly playable. Even an 8 cost 8/8 with rush. 7 cost 8/8 with taunt would be better? Particularly in an agro match, either as an agro or against one. If the game goes late enough to be playing 7 drops as agro, dropping an 8/8 is far from the worst imaginable play. If it had some cool temporal themed battle cry/frenzy/spellburst effect, like, say, get a copy of the last card you played. Or the next card you play puts another copy in your hand. Maybe if both players are running Nozdormu they would both get a copy.


Rush fits the theme and doesn't suddenly make it an auto-include.


I love the idea of a diamond Noz for this achievement. Take my upvote.


Was Nova excited? :)


Very, wouldn't stop purring.


It's only about the effect. It should be a passive card like passive Treasures / Modifiers from Dungeon Run / Duels. They only trigger their effect at the start of the game and are not an actual card in your deck. I think they could do a lot more cool and fun stuff with that. Especially in Friendly Challenges it would allow to essentially create custom games. For example I would love Wondrous Wisdomball and 300 starting Health among others. It would be glorious. Everyone could play to their own liking. Blizzard just needs to provide such cards and some (like Wondrous Wisdomball) even already exist in the game. They just need to add "If this is in both player's deck..." I for one would gladly spend a lot of money to get such cards. Probably even more than on actual cards to be honest. But maybe that's just me. In any case I think it would be an amazing way to indirectly allow custom games in a way that not only doesn't need much work to implement but also monetizes itself by being a card to obtain from card packs.


I'm still convinced making it 4 mana 8/8 won't break the game


4 mana 7/7


it would be interesting to have a grossly overstated minion with a downside, when both players use the card.


If the downside affects both players equally, it's not a downside.


Damn I mean.. it'd need some sort of down side with such premium stats.


How the hell would making a card with an effect Like this being an Card that improves your winrate be a good Idea?


Make Noz 5 mana on Nozdormu day, then we’ll see if it gets play.


Noz to 5 mana, 1500xp quest to play 5 games with him, and 10% exp boost for each game that includes him. That's how you make people participate in a micro holiday.


At what cost?


I guess not too much. He streams Hearthstone and is usually achievement hunting on stream. Scores of games he'd games he'd just play whatever completes an achievement. But trying to win with one bad card in your deck? Not too bad.


Congrats! I saw this post without seeing the author and thought "did a different madman pull off the Nozdormu quest before Zeddy?" Nope. It was the madman himself.




Why is it whenever I see any comment saying something along the lines of "I don't know why you're being downvoted" or similar.... the person they're replying to are never in negative votes. Not specifically questioning you or anything, far from it. I just find it really odd every time it gets commented I've never seen the original as downvoted. Was it at just like -1 or something?


It's a good question and I do wish to answer as I've also seen a couple of these cases if it were to look strange a couple of hours later. I like to keep an eye out on posts before they make their way out of new, having commented on this one too as one of the first persons congratulating him and mentioning he did it all outside of the Nozdormu days, wondering how it would've been to play a lot of games on the 15th. My comment quickly went down to -10 before deleting it, while also noticing this (-7 at the time) and another one. My suspicion is that some people have some cross feelings about OP as to randomly take it out on positivity is a bit weird.


If your opponent isn't playing nozdormu double it's stats.


Just add a checkbox for blitz mode. Its an if in: InitGameStart() function to check both players preferences and execute current implemented code for noz if both want it.


Just make it a separate game mode. Noz players can play against other Noz players, and non-Noz players do the same.


Dude I'm proud of you. I'm at 250 wins with 0 mirrors so far. Still holding onto hope.


Your deck has a winrate of about 55.6% Pretty good ngl


That's because he played Stealer of Souls lock for the Achievement. The deck is so good you could load it with garbage and it would still work.


well in an aggro deck you dont want a 7 drop and in a control deck a 7 8/8 isnt good enough so like it doesnt really fit in any deck


Have you made 4 friends?


4 games only? They need to encourage people to use it more.




I think make it 1 less mana and give him taunt.


Wow and 20 achievement points for your effort. Fucking blizzard


Meme cards should stay memes. An overstatted minion is already enough reason to be run if you want to get a pointless achievement (by using a tier 1 deck with one less good card in it...wow, how daring), no point whatsoever in making it better. As soon as the usual suspects get the achievement, they'll forget about nozdormu and they'll stop whining about it, thankfully.


I actually use big dragon Rouge climb to legend last month.


Needs to be cheaper so that aggro decks actually wanna use it or I guess have some other effect that is unnerfed bonemare levels of good. Being a 6 mana 8/8 could do it maybe although I guess it's pretty similar to Tickatus' role in an aggro deck without the downside of milling yourself.


I've been reading down through all the posts and I can't agree with all of you more. Obviously the way that Nozdormu is set up he has no place in any deck except for the specific reason of playing a blitz game. I see or imagine rather that they only included him so they could do blitz style tournaments but there hasn't even been a lot of those. Although I have seen some streamers starting to do them. But, hell yes, I would be excited to be able to put Nozdormu in my deck and actually come across another player. So here are some fixes I think they could do. For one he is the dragon of time. And all other dragons have abilities besides just shortening or lengthening the game. Nozdormu's effect has always been to somehow shorten the game either by roping someone right off the bat like the old Nozdormu, or now by doing the same exact thing except having to have him in both decks. Honestly I liked it better the original way because at least you could surprise your opponent and have to make them think on their toes and that was a part of strategy which required skill. So either revert him back to the way he was where you didn't need him in both decks to get his effect or buff him so that he actually will be played in decks, and you will be pleasantly surprised when you actually come across somebody else playing him if they don't revert him back to the old way. Yes we could reduce mana cost and make him a cheap 8/8, but I feel like that is the lazy way of going about it and he still probably wouldn't get played. So let's brainstorm and think of some effects that we could add to him that would go with his design and flavor. For example maybe he could be an 8/8 for 9 mana and when corrupted he skips your opponents next turn. I know this is a powerful effect but it is also hard to corrupt a 9 cost card. As well at this point he could be brought back from Y'sharh and played again for 0 mana. Another idea would be able to keep him as an 8/8 dragon and his effect would be to undo your opponents last turn, so almost like a reverse plagiarize. Whatever your opponent did last turn gets unplayed resent to their hand, attacks don't happen and life goes back up if life was lost, and secrets go back up if they were triggered. Obviously if this route was chosen he should cost 10. But my best fix for him would be to keep him as an 8/8 dragon, for 8 mana, and since he is the timeless one his ability would be to discover a card specific to your class from any previous mode whether it be, wild, or classic. I think that would be a great and extremely interesting ability that they've never explored before. He's a neutral card so put him in whatever deck you want and when you play him you can discover any wild card or classic card. I guarantee a lot more people would play him in this instance and it would fit his design and flavor, as well as his lore and his title as the timeless one perfectly.


I don't think your suggestions will be picked, but I do agree that your last suggestion is a lot more fun (not strong but fun). The randomness from discovering anything from the "past" is a concern. A possible way to make this more interesting is to add the option of allowing players to gain access to a random class card from the upcoming expansion. This would only be possible a week or so before an expansion is released but would offer a really fun interactive method for players to discover the new cards! I do think if this is done then 8 mana 8/8 is not realistic, instead, it should be a 5 mana 6/6 to see more play. ​ What do you think?


The moment i saw this i was certain it was from Zeddy.


He's meant for tournaments where both players want to play 'fast chess' style


Congrats! You are a true hero for this. Also have you finished all achievements? And how did you manage in the 4 mirrors with stealer lock?


will you nerds ever shut the fuck up about this card


No, thank you. The blitz hearthstone dream will remain in our hearts until they make it possible.


He is the type of guy that tries to play EVEN demon hunter in STANDARD. Lol


:))) Never actually thought of even demon hunter Lol


Nobody has ever thought of that


Seems a bit too OP tbh.


Needs to activate if you somehow place it in your opponent's deck


Make it a 4 mana 8/8 and see how many people start using it :3


Wait….this is an actual achievement?


I agree. Being able to fuck ropers was amazing with Noz.


Make it 6 mana and give it taunt


I wonder how much of a Timmy he'd need to be to raise the playrate.


For 20 achievement points. Lol.


Imagine if noz was 4 or 5 mana to the point it'd be statistically a detriment not to include.


It is one of the few files in the entire game that I do not intend to complete, it is absurd. Why 500? who decided that number? it's a lot, it should be 100 max, or at least grant a real reward.


Here's the plan, make him not count against your total cards and at the start of the game he draws, he either A) burns like a card does when you have a full hand ( if your opponent doesn't have him) B) bursts like c'thun and then rather than shuffle 5 spells into your deck it plays the og nozdormu animation for 2-3 seconds This is the ideal flow. Never played him myself but this just makes sense


Deberías ganarte un Nozdormu dorado


Still procs more frequently than the effect from og Nozdormu...?


I dont think buffing him is the right move, as I dont wanna be forced to run it. I think the Nozdormu Day is the right idea. Just give everyone a "Play 5 games with Nozdormu" quest on the 15th. People want the xp so they play him. Of course that will only last for 1-3 days, but thats fine imo.


Keep in mind that not everyone enjoys playing 15sec turns.