Quit my day job and focus on learning to code?

Quit my day job and focus on learning to code?


Normally, I'd advise keeping your job and learning new career skills on your own time, but you're in a unique situation given that: 1) You have no debt; 2) You have no monetary obligations such as supporting a child; 3) I assume you won't have to take on any new debt due to living with your parents; and 4) You're young so you have a lot of years left to build up a new career. Given these and that you already have experience coding and liked it, I'd say quitting your job to study could be a good idea. HOWEVER, you should think over whether the things you dislike about your job are position-specific (e.g. heavy math use) or common in all jobs (e.g. doing similar tasks every day, bad managers, bad coworkers). Many people have a grass is greener mentality for jobs they haven't done 40 hours a week, 2080 hours a year, year after year. Consulting is a unique animal, so it's possible you'd like being a mechanical engineer in a different environment. If you decide to quit and try software engineering, make sure you have a detailed plan for your preparation. Treat it like a job, follow a schedule, and don't spend just a few hours per week on it when you feel like it.


It might not be a bad idea but if it was a really solid idea to quit you wouldn't have to ask. Ideally you're jonsing at work to do the side thing before you quit, and after work you do the side thing sort of effortlessly because you're energized by it. Now if you're day dreaming about just having more time for yourself and have the means to quit work you don't like, I think that's a terrific idea. I quit my big boy software job to focus on myself at 25 knowing I could pull a job out of my ass at any time in the future if needed and it was definitely a good move.