Newish Acct Giveaway

Newish Acct Giveaway


Wow a skullcrown! I am level 92 and still no skullcrown... But I don't think I have time for 2 accounts. Good luck to everyone else


This isn't an end game acct by any means and is barely scratching midgame. - Brutal Clan Boss: 4 Key - Dragon 13 There are pieces to form a double TM booster White Whale or just a Seeker based one. ~~Just DM/post the reason why you want it and I'll pick someone from the comments in about 10 hours or so. We'll conduct the transfer via DM.~~ Account has been claimed, GLHF!


Hi, i just started playing 12 days ago and the only 6 star i have is kael, i would love this acc since mine sucks at this moment :D