Fall Guys Servers 🤦

Fall Guys Servers 🤦

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In conclusion, you are never infront of everyone.


Having played this game several times I can tell you for a fact this is true


So... we are living a lie every time. 😔


Welcome to the matrix


I wish we can actually get a reply from the devs about this. It looks like we will never get a comment about this until they actually fix it and that really is frustrating.


The desync is also especially a problem when it comes to jump showdown. You can be hit by someone's ghost, and that collision can knock you off, meanwhile the other person is just normally jumping. I wonder if it is possible to increase the tick rate during final rounds.


Ghost collision and grabbing something other than what was in front of you on your screen are two of my biggest frustrations.


It's the worst part of Jump Showdown. Playing the back of the platform SHOULD be safer because you can avoid getting grabbed better back there. But then you run the chance of rubber banding people hitting you.


It's not tick rate, just shitty net code and desync


I got stuck on a platform with 4 remaining players all being pc while I’m ps. The desync was insane. Worse than anything I’ve ever seen.


Is that what's happening? One of my biggest frustrations has always been the fact that when I run into someone, it's like hitting a brick wall, but when someone runs into me, they send me flying, usually while appearing to whip around the screen


It gets worse with the Fall Ball! How the heck does my Fall Guy kick the ball like a wimp and everyone else is so strong that they shoot both me and the ball into my own goal!?


I guess this is behind the Hex-A-Gone invisible tiles too.


I lost a game from a player landing on an invisible tile in low g at the very end. These issues are really starting to add up for a lot of fans of the game who have stuck with it from the start.


The exact same thing happened to me yesterday.


Well, at least lots of players' wish has came true. Winning doesn't take that much skill anymore. It just sucks for competitive players.


Respectfully disagree though. Maybe the finals are easier to luck your way to a win, but you still need to get thru 4 or 5 sweaty rounds to get there. I don’t see how any of this actually helps casual players, all it does is piss off serious players.


Well, when there are many easier minigames before the finals, rookies have much more chance to survive these rounds. Especially when there's one or two team games. Honestly I don't mind a rookie winning mostly by luck, because I kind of feel bad for them. Lots of rookies are chasing their first win for weeks or even months, because the competition is/was very very hard. But as a competitive player myself, I don't like to see random winners, including myself. This is the most common on low-grav finals, where 3 or 4 players start to fall into the slime seemingly right exactly at the same time. So in summary: this whole situation is weird, because I really understand the struggle of the new players, but as a competitive player I'm always kind of praying for Jump Showdown or Roll Off because these involve ALMOST no luck at all.


Yeah it’s annoying and put me off playing Fall guys. But the alternative is having an online like Super Mario Maker 2 which is absolutely garbage


On high MMR SMM2 VS is fine.


I mean, not really. Most of the time it's laggy as there's a system that nintendo made on there that causes everyone to be laggy if one person has a bad internet connection. Nintendo online sucks.


It's behind a lot of the problems in this game.


this is probably because the network rates of the servers are 15hz, lower rates means more delay and just less accurate movement. I would say this game would have a lot less delay if it had at least 30hz network rates, its not a fast paced shooter that needs 120hz but its needs to be higher than 15hz. the servers already tick at 60hz but its only sends the data at 15hz. I got this info on the QNA section of the Fall Guys discord server by Rory the techincal director of Fall Guys. I say Mediatonic should go to Epic Games and get them to sort out the servers and net code, because even tho people complain about their servers, they are no where near as bad as Fall Guys.


It's not just that, if that's much issue at all. There's just no lag compensation whatsoever. You see where that player was when it sent the position info to the server. The game doesn't go "OK, so that player was there, it took 50ms to reach the server, and another 30ms to get to this client, so if he carried on running in that direction for 80ms, he would be *here*" If they had that you'd get a bit of jarring movement when people suddenly changed direction, but we get that now anyway where players appear to get hit by spinning beams but actually don't. The fact that two players can run up a ramp and actually push each other along is mental. Of course they could have tried this very normal lag compensation methods already and found they were less satisfying than what we have now. But the fact that they went live on PC with no anti-cheat, used HTML labels for player names, and had 30fps on PS4 at launch, leads me to the suspicion that they're mostly winging it with an accidental smash hit and learning as they go along.


thats what they are doing, this is Mediatonics first massive 3D game that is not shovelware. the orignal plan for Fall Guys was release it small then update the game over a few years so when it does get popular it will be filled with content and they know what they are doing but it was a accidental smash hit.


Well I guess it's also their fault for hyping up the game pre-release ╮(•_•)╭


oh sure, that's the lesson here, never promote your game. Just advertise is as a mediocre experience and it'll really mitigate it accidentally becoming popular and making a bunch of money overnight so we can avoid this problematic "popular game" thing we hear so much about.


Pretty sure they were being sarcastic...


In few words, the game is interpolating the position, not extrapolating with movement prediction. This adds some delay to the players position too.


HTML labels for names?!


Back when the game launched, you could use your own name on Steam. This was swiftly replaced with Fall Guy 1234 names, when it became apparent you could fill the screen with your name in massive letters if you set your name a certain way. And there was no filtering on Steam like they had on PSN, so all sorts of unsavoury names were appearing in a children's game. It wasn't the best idea.


But that's not even a children's game. The EULA says you can't play if you are under 13 years old.


That's for Steam. Nobody reads that anyway. The game itself has a PEGI rating of 3 years old.


Sorry but the PlayStation EULA says the same [https://fallguys.com/eula-playstation](https://fallguys.com/eula-playstation)


EULAs are almost completely unenforceable. A wall of lawyer drivel. Especially a term like that, on an online only game marketed as suitable for 3 year olds. It would never come to it, but if they said a 10 year old wasn't allowed to use the product, anybody could point to that big Pegi logo on [this page](https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3643-CUSA17714_00-FALLGUYSPS4EU000) and yes "Yes, I am". Edit: The 13 year old limit is interesting because it's for [COPPA](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children%27s_Online_Privacy_Protection_Act) compliance. So in effect, the company is the one breaking the law here, not the users.


But still.... HTML


> I say Mediatonic should go to Epic Games and get them to sort out the servers and net code Yeah, Epic owns Psyonix now...they can lean on them for server expertise because Rocket League's servers are...wait...


Rocket League servers are bad at times I can admit but they are leauges ahead of the Fall Guys servers


Rocket leagues ahead of them even


Yes, definitely agree!


If you think RL is bad then Valorant is much worse. Above 100/110 and it's unplayable. In RL, even at 250 you can play the game. I know this from personal experience in Valorant because before my region got its own server, the closes server gave me a minimum of 85 and there were times when it jumped above 100/110 and then I'd have skipped frames or delayed sounds


15hz is actually pathetic. Sure we may not need 120 tick servers like Valorant/CS but i think the finals should be at 60


serious question, who is in the “true” position? the person with better internet connection?


The server decides. It's probably something in between for both players.


When I was playing with my girlfriend who sat next to me using the same internet this heavy desyncing happened as well. It looks like your connection doesn't make any kind of difference, it's just something very very wrong with the servers or with the FG client itself (coding issues).


V interesting, nice edit. Desync is wild, completely difference things happening on each players’ screen. I honestly think Fall Mountain needs to allow for ties in situations like this where people grab the crown literal milliseconds apart, like there needs to be that little bit of leeway.


Desync had killed online gaming for me. I mean, the technology to fix this is 100% available (I work in tech), so it's absolutely frustrating.


Do you mean rollback netcode?


sajam just got a reddit notification


Ties in Fall Mountain have been a thing since launch. Both players get crowns but only shows one animation


Yeah but it’s so rare, I think it probably only happens if you happen to be on the same server tick or something. In the video above it’s virtually at the same time but no tie.


Is it rare though? How can we tell? I've tied myself at least a couple of times that I know of because I got the crown but not the animation, maybe other times I got the animation but others got the crown. In the posted video where the 2 sides are synced up you can see blue is fully grabbed before red is, and therefore it makes sense that server awards blue the crown, right?


It's rare. I've had it happen maybe twice as well, but soooo many more times where I've been the red bean in this scenario. I think, to be fair, they should widen the parameters for ties a bit and make them less hard to get.


Yeah that’s what I meant to say I guess


I think when it takes a second longer to display who got eliminated, there's a tie.


It's just great that [nothing](https://reddit.com/r/FallGuysGame/comments/ifbvs2/side_by_side_comparison_of_crown_victory_desync_3/) has [changed.](https://reddit.com/r/FallGuysGame/comments/ibg7wp/two_povs_of_the_same_game_show_a_different_leader/)


This is a good video indicator of what de-sync is. In tight spaces it's what causes beans to be pushed around. Higher tick rate servers might help eliminate some of this, but it could just come down to their net code.


yeah if theres more than 2 beans on these pinball springs on Skyline Stumble there is no point in using them cause you will get knocked out by ghost collisions


But their community managers just blame the players and ping.


they say that there is always going to be some laggy people and some desync which is true, but if everyone in the world who plays this game is laggy and the desync is this bad, then it is a game issue.


I’m not disagreeing with that but numerous posts by them immediately point out videos like this as player lag and not doing the research to see that most likely the player connection is fine and it’s an issue on their side.


Community managers are awfully quiet.


The netcode in Fall Guys basically works like this: The client sends the fall guy's position to the server and the server to the rest of the clients. That's why there's lag in the position and this is causing a lot of problems like "super long grab" in tail tag, invisible tiles in Hex-a-gon and in the in this video shown "I grabbed the crown first but the other guy won" bug. That's why it's also so easy for cheaters to flyhack or else, as the clients just sends it's position to the server and if you can manipulate that, meaning just sending different position, you're teleporting/flying for other people. Other games do it differently, in games like Fortnite basically just the player input gets sent to the server and then it sends a position back so your character moves. The netcode of fall guys is not well made and has many flaws. For any changes it's too late as it's pretty much in the core of the game and no update could fix that or at least it would be very difficult.


That doesn't make it flawed. It just has different priorities than Fortnite. If Fall Guys used Fortnite's systems, you'd end up with a latency race, rather than an actual race. Anyone with dropped packets would either continue moving forward into barriers or would immediately stop moving, ruining the game. Whoever lives closest to the server would win almost every race round. Same goes for PvP. Low latency players would always get the first move. Which might be fine in a shooter game, but definitely not in a game that is predominately about shoving your opponent off a cliff. The current system, where each player instances most of the game locally, gives most players a chance at victory because it discriminates less on latency and allows players to go through its mostly PvE content unencumbered by latency issues. In terms of shoving, the server decides who "won" and occasionally has a latency bias, but making it server side would make the one with the latency bias win on almost every occasion. The game could do a better job at synchronizing user positions between clients. But your advice is like telling someone with car troubles to buy a motorcycle.


I probably shouldn't talk about things I only have a slight idea about, thanks for the explanation.


Don't feel too bad. Your comment wasn't completely unfactual and also u/thelastpizzaslice wouldn't have commented that without it. The fastest way to get the right answer to a question is to answer it wrong, or something like that


I feel like people shouldn't be punished for having good ping though. As it stands right now, you have a better shot at winning a Thin Ice with high ping for example, since the tiles disappear slower on your screen due to the latency.


I agree with that. It's really tough not to create advantages or disadvantages for high or low ping. Most games just settle for "it's a mixed bag." High latency is horrible for Wall Guys because your little bean just hangs off the edge instead of climbing.


There's also the prediction aspect that's in most online games, the client is trying to predict where someone will be. It's worse if everyone is running like in fall mountain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Client-side\_prediction


I guess that's why you'll see a bean climb a box or wall or something and then teleport way the hell away somewhere else once they're finished the animation.


Yeah another example is when someone is lagging on jump showdown and keeps looking like they are eliminated only to teleport back into place.


That's mostly since the climb animation is fixed, and there's bugs with the server registrering the climb but your client drops you instantly instead.


Shouldn’t work on anything else until this is fixed




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Love the game but quit playing a few months ago because of this bs. Too bad it won't get fixed.


now I know why I can never win, because even when I win, I lose


Where is Mediatonic's reply to this post? 👀


wow I wonder how many times I actually won that game now


And people say that the DeSync is normal and never got worse...




Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because Hiko was already dead.


My guy are you on the right post?


Its some kinda csgo copypasta if i remember correctly


I was gonna say, I definitely didn't remember guns in Fall Guys OR this clip


pretty sure this is older than chuck testa memes.




I was about to get first place and the guy right behind me got it. It upsets me when I see a person behind me qualify earlier.


Well this is a good show case of what is happening. It’s like a good 3 bean distance. I still get grabbed from so far away and this tells me I have to imagine they are much closer then they appear.


Yeah I noticed this desync when I played against a streamer (Kawaii) in FM. On my POV I was ahead but on the streamer's POV she was in front. Weird.


So its always an illusion...


u/trichoglossusbee u/fallguysjoe


Great video but your "LIKE ABD SUNSCRIBE" shit made me turn it off. If I find a video I like I'll watch more from that same person and subscribe if I want to.


I almost downvoted cause with the sound off it looks like the video is pausing just to push that, had to rewind and put the sound on to check. Really good video though, next we need to see it with a squad of 4 and see how bad that is.


I refuse to like videos and subscribe to channels if they beg me to do it. Good channels/videos don't need to beg.


the way the shitty youtube algorithm works a lot of YouTubers have to resort to this now and yes you can say that for your self, but if it wasn't effective, YouTubers wouldn't keep pushing it.


>yes you can say that for your self I wasn't speaking for anyone else, was I? And you're telling the person who turned off the video halfway through (a video I was enjoying) because of it, that it's effective. Okay.


That seems excessive. Stopping a video you were enjoying because of two small overlays that in no way impeded your view of the video itself?


When the video stops to play an ad, that does in fact impede my view of the video. You might be ok with a 10 second ad in a 40 second video but I'm not. I got the gist of it by then, so it wasn't really excessive at all to bail on the rest of it. And even if I like the video and wanted to search the creator of it out, I no longer want to because of the ad time to actual content ratio. Fucking sue me.


Did you watch it with sound on? The video stopped to point out the discrepancy, not to advertise.


That's so naive of you to think that.


I'll take that as a "no", then.


Go ahead, man.


That’s literally what happened in the video though, he was pointing out something in that still frame


Also naive of you to assume he only paused there to point out the entire point of the video while also highlighting the "subscribe to my channel" button. I knew exactly what this video was about as soon as I started it. That's why I was watching it.. I don't need the creator to pause and tell me what I'm watching while also advertising jfc what is so hard about this for y'all to understand...


You're so awake dude. Bruhhhhhhhhh how could he advertise his channel during the video with a graphic... what a heinous act. You've opened our eyes


It is, it's literally why they do it. the fact you were enjoying it and turned it off out of spite just shows how unbelievably petty you are.


You nailed it! Great detective work! 👏


this isnt even youtube to begin with


I didn't say it was.


This is what I have been telling them and still not fixed yet in season 4.5. is so frustrating Increase more servers. God dammit


Not saying it isn't frustrating, but I will say there are definitely more productive things to spend energy worrying about.


The video pausing for a solid 5 seconds in the middle of a one minute clip is absolutely infuriating. If I had been interested in subscribing before, that completely turned me off from it. Why would I subscribe to someone who does that?


Dude did it for a reason man, come on. He was showing that to both players, it looked as if the other player had fallen. This guy has gone to some pretty decent effort getting this synced up, cut the man some slack


I think the actual reason was to display his 'Remember to subscribe' message. It appears as soon as the video pauses and then is removed once the video resumes playing which I don't think is a coincidence as you don't really need to pause the video to show both players have fallen over on each other's screen. It's most likely a tactic for things like advertising and so, as something appearing on screen when everything else has stopped moving will 100% get the viewer to look at it. Simply mentioning that they'll both fall over would have been okay as he could have done that as they were both running towards the hammers. He could have said '*and you'll soon see that we both get hit by a hammer and fall over on each other's screen*' but he kinda drags out what he's saying on the way to the hammers so he can pause the video when they both fall over. The pausing of the video doesn't bother me but I just think he paused the video to show the message so you would read it (and then subscribe) and still not miss what's happening in the clip and he used them both falling down as an excuse to do that.


Bro, why can't you just simply ignore it? It's a *subscribe message in a corner that doesn't even take away yourself from the main video.*


I did ignore it and if you read my comment you would see that I said that it doesn't bother me. I was just pointing out that there was probably more than one reason he paused the video, as it was a little bit too coincidental that it appears the very second the video is paused and then disappears when the video continues, so the creator probably paused the video so he could show it along with the players lying on the ground. If that was his plan, then cool. It's his video after all.


Ah the game is shit. Feels good to know that not missing out on anything major.


This is not esports and the game doesn't cost $70 so... Okay I accept it (as long as I'm the guy on the left)


This looks correct to me? As you've synced up the videos blue (left) has fully grabbed the crown and red (right) has not, looks like red is a couple of frames away when the server awards the crown to blue. Sure would love to see lower latency net code and better prediction engine (maybe some fancy machine learning models could help here). But this is an online platformer so it has different considerations to online shooters or strategy games. Having characters clip through objects or teleport location or even run faster than normal, even briefly, because of prediction code is going cause it's own set of problems. Some people are always going to have some latency so I don't exactly know what you expect? For it to play like you're all on the same local network? It won't ever unless they release a local server for it or someone hacks one together.


Yup. And every time I’ve said this games servers stink, people tell me to get better. Like how? This was 2 perfect runs and you’re still getting screwed. Been playing online games forever, never had a game as bad as Fall Guys with desync Edit: y’all are so sweaty if you don’t think this is at least a good run lmfao


This wasn't close to being to perfect runs. Not that it's the point of the video at all, but their routes are inefficient




Ngl 9000 kudos isn't even that much


Not to mention how horrific squads is atm. The lack of variety and going too many rounds and not eliminating teams that score ZERO points. Squads seems to be a favorite of the community. Please add all the games into squads and fix the variety.


Ayoade is one of us?


Hahaha now I can't unhear it!


What the heck.


Great video explains a lot. Always a close call on fall mountain but now I don’t know what to believe when I’m playing


i mean the correct person still won.


What defines the "correct person"




They should fix the error as soon as possible, because currently it is impossible to play through lags, which are most visible when playing on a computer with console players




This happens to me but I win MOST of the time


As a guy who plays Rocket League a lot, I can't imagine if this occurred regularly, especially to such a degree. It really is pretty ridiculous, especially when its just 4 players


Yeah, this has been known about for a while. I watch streamers play the game, and occasionally they'll get a Fall Mountain and say "they're all in front on their own screens by the way."


yes this is a problem that needs to be fixed. but rome wasn't built in a day. as long as i got the crown i'm happy. give them time.


Online game made with Unity, servers 🤡




And then everyone blames the cheaters and the developers impose Easy AntiCheat on everyone. Rocket League needs no anticheat because the server processes all physics 100% consistently across all platforms and discards any abnormal client behavior. Your client could be completely out of sync, but yet, the server sees everything only one way and one way only. You should do this test with Rocket League on high latencies to see how syncking is done over there. Surely the trajectories are estimated in advance with special functions despite the fact that the latency will cause perceived jittering, but there won't be any time where physics go mad like hornets; clients might panic, but the server has got everything under control, always. If Fall Guys could somehow get such server support as well as LAN/offline play and other such neat features like Rocket League, there might be a chance for the developers to remove EAC which will bring aboard lots of Linux players who have long been lost to the DRM tyranny. Not to mention freeroam mode, time trial, training mode, all with players connected in all kinds of ways together, even with splitscreen. That would save Fall Guys.


Lmao this is clearly done on purpose... fucking devs know


Oh no... The desync is bad with this one.


Servers on Steam?


And I thought that crossplat would improve things for PS4 South American servers, but my matches are 60 bad sync - 40 playable, at least. I regret the hype I gave this game before release.