Ahs Stories Episode 3

Ahs Stories Episode 3


I consider it a step up from the first two episodes, but that ending was absolutely terrible.


Yes, definitely a step up but horrible ending, I agree!


Agreed. I don't think this spin-off is for me sadly. It's a shame because the regular series is one of my favorite shows, but the writing and acting on this so far is so terrible it feels like a bunch of youtubers got together to make a series, not professional writers who have been in the game for decades. I already thought rubber woman was bad but this made it look like oscar material.


Really? I thought it was creepy, fun, interesting. Basically all I expect from AHS


A lot of the amazing humor from AHS is just not there and that’s a huge deal to me as well as a few other things. It’s like it’s trying it’s hardest to be as PC as possible (for AHS standards) and I literally hope Ryan isn’t changing the humor from here on out. He poked fun of everybody, it’s what made the show so unique. The last show to just…not give a fuck. It was refreshing. That kind of humor is completely missing from Stories


The ending was horrible. I liked the build up but wouldn’t that start like a cannibal apocalypse? Why is this affiliated with the AHS franchise, i’m annoyed